joi, 9 aprilie 2009

once upon a time in the west

once upon a time there was a androgin kid.

not that he/she had more than one set of genitals, just that his/her mind was not decided whether he/she is defined by the genitals or the power of his/her soul. so he/she decided that until further notice he/she will be reffered to as IT.

and it was strong. it had more brain power and will and strenght of thought and logic than the regular jack.

and it was proud. and careless. and rigid. it had ideeas and principles and it went straight forward like an arrow.

and it was violent. and agressive and willing to kill and get killed for respecting the oath of humanity.

and it was daring. it had the will to get up and face mountains and the desire to do that just to prove what it was worth.

and it went well for it, at least for a while. faced with mendacity, it cut the roots of all links. cause ain't nothing more horrid than the stench of mendacity.

but slowly, it lost it's discernment.
it becan to slip.
it began to cut mendacity slack. began to let lies and cheat and unfaithfullness go.began to accept mendacity in it's immediate sorrounding.
worse, it began to feel mendacity.
slowly, it coverd up the missing pieces, more troubled to obtain the big prize, the problem free existance. and slowly it started to lie. it becan by polite circumstances. and it went down to covering for indifference. and then it was all lies.

polite lies, innocent lies, all lies.

and last i checked, it was very bussy veriffying it's bank account.

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